Trainers and Consultants

  • Trainers

    • Provide SketchUp content creation training to Manufacturers / Content developers

    • Under development: Trainers that can also Certify Content Developers

  • Consultants

    • Help Manufacturers determine the best way to participate in the content landscape (short-term vs long-term)

    • Help Manufacturers understand the different possibilities with distributing their digital content (Architects/Interior designers, Distributors, Sales, Contractors, Marketing, etc.)

    • Help Manufacturers connect with relevant service providers


  • Moscow

    3D Metrika

    Consultant, Partner, Trainer, Certified Developer

    Eugene Karpov, Sergei Andrianov

    3D Metrika Inc. is a professional 3D modelling company based in Moscow, Russian Federation. We've been working in 3D-modelling since 2004. Our main services: 1. Cooperation with furniture and equipment manufacturers, creation and promotion of their products in 3DWarehouse and other platforms. 2. Creation of high-quality 3D-models in architectural area, furniture and equipment design etc. 3. SketchUp education for new and advanced users ( 4. 3D-models production using 3D-printing technology. Best wishes, 3D Metrika Team.

  • Elgin, IL
    United States

    Anguleris Technologies

    Consultant, Certified Developer

    Deiby Guzman, Benjamin Glunz

    Anguleris Technologies is the construction industry's virtual product placement expert, providing manufacturers with holistic Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions. The Anguleris Team is dedicated to the development, maintenance, syndication and marketing of Intelligent BIM Content with the goal of driving new revenue for Building Product Manufacturers. With a 4-point BIM strategy that cultivates global business-to-business relationships, Anguleris connects architects, designers, and builders with precise, data-rich digital representations of real life products through every stage of project development.

  • Västerås

    CADELIT Sverige AB

    Consultant, Reseller, Trainer, Certified Developer

    Fredrik Emilsson

    CADELIT AB have been a SketchUp Authorized Training Center since 2005. We can help you with everything from software licenses to training and creating lightweight 3D components. We also create effective workflows where both simple things, like templates, and more advanced things, like configurable (dynamic) components, make your visualisation faster and easier. Imagine that you just place a component, choose a configuration and click "Apply". From preset views you can choose if you want to see a traditional 2D drawing or a detailed 3D model.

  • Broomfield, CO
    United States

    Cadman Inc

    Trainer, Certified Developer

    Mark Carvalho

    Cadman Inc. is an architectural and design firm specializing in SketchUp 3D modeling training and computer visualization for projects ranging from single family housing and commercial remodeling projects, to site development and computer visualizations and animations. We have helped several firms develop 3D content and parts libraries for their manufacturing and design work. Mark Carvalho is a registered Architect in Colorado and is the President of Cadman Inc. located in Broomfield, Colorado. For years Mark has been an instructor for 3D modeling, CAD management and computer drafting. Mark has many years of experience in developing design and modeling software. Mark was one of the founders of AtLast Software™, the makers of SketchUp™, windows product manager through SketchUp™ Version 4.0. While at SketchUp™ Mark also invented and produced the online video tutorials. Started and managed the training department. Developed and wrote the basic and intermediate training manuals. Started the education program and pioneered SketchUpLive, producing weekly live web-cast programs over the internet.

  • Lake Geneva, WI
    United States


    Consultant, Partner, Trainer, Certified Developer

    George Knowles

    Geo3Design’s scope of work over the past 18 months includes the following: • Create premium quality SketchUp 3D Content • Collect and define content requirements for clients • Manage content creation for clients • Provide quality assurance services • Provide content maintenance and update services • Manage 3D Warehouse account and profile for clients • Upload and structure models and collections for clients • Preconstruction shadow studies • Quality check and redline clients’ Mechanical and Architectural drawings prior to modeling • Author 3D Standards and Best Practice Manual for client • Establish and maintain cloud storage of 100’s of model renderings for clients • Onsite SketchUp training for clients’ employees and partners • Online SketchUp Tutoring via in partnership with WyzAnt Tutoring, Chicago, IL • SketchUp Sage 6 ½ years of volunteering to help thousands of users in the SketchUp Help Forum • Author tutorials for the SketchUp Sage Site • SU Beta tester v8 forward

  • Enschede


    Consultant, Certified Developer

    Nick Nijmeijer

    ITCAD is a Dutch company founded by Nick Nijmeijer in August 2015. I believe that the future of the construction industry will consist of many automation solutions wich are driven by digital information models. My mission is to contribute to the construction industry with automation and process solutions. I will do this by managing information flows and production processes. I connect the Building Information Modelling (BIM) methodology on CAD, CAM and ERP systems. Hereby I will take in mind philoposophies as QRM and LEAN to create efficient solutions for you. ITCAD provide many 3D (BIM) modelling services, CAD/CAM solutions, custom trainings and consultancy.