Tools for Content Developers

Looking for tools to help you develop content?

This page lists some useful tools for Content Developers:

Check and fix the quality of your model

Quality check tools

These quality check tools enable you to review the model (e.g. nested groups, model size) and remove any unnecessary lines, marks, etc. before you upload the model into 3D Warehouse.

More information and Download here.

Transform detailed CAD models into optimized SketchUp models

Wrap a mesh around an object

MeshWrapper enables you to create a hollow mesh around an existing object simplifying a highly detailed manufacturing model. It also includes tools to easily close any gaps in the mesh.

More information and Download here.

Clean and optimize your model

The CleanUp³ tool helps you clean your imported models, e.g. erase hidden geometry and duplicate faces, repair split edges, put geometry to Layer0.

More information and Download here.

3D File Conversion System for SketchUp

PolyTrans-for-SketchUp runs independently of SketchUp to cross convert between all the major 3D CAD, DCC/Animation and VisSim file formats (e.g. SolidWorks, ProE/Creo, Inventor, DWF-3D (for AutoCAD, Revit, NavisWorks and Inventor), IGES solids, STEP solids and JT into SketchUp).

More information and Download here.

Import STL files

SketchUp supports importing many file types (read more about Importing a file from another program into SketchUp), but you need to install a separate tool to include .stl import support.

More information and Download here.

Create organic shapes


A tool that you can use to extrude one 2D profile such that it ends in another different 2D profile.

More information here, Download here.

Vertex tools

Vertex tools enable greater control when modeling organic shapes.

More information and Download here.

Apply texture to your product models

QuadFace tools

QuadFace tools can help with projecting a 2D image (e.g. furniture texture) onto a 3D model (UV mapping).

More information and Download here.