3D Warehouse Partners

3D Warehouse Partners and Resellers

  • Chicago, IL
    United States

    ofcdesk llc

    Partner, Reseller

    Erik Uppenberg

    Encouraging interoperability between software platforms, ofcdesk llc. connects the architectural, design, dealers, and manufacturing industries. With 20 years of expertise developing tools to aid design technology, ofcdesk provides customized content services in SketchUp, AutoCAD, and Revit. ofcdesk is an SAP Partner and member of the Autodesk Developer Network (ADN).

  • Bassano del Grappa VI


    Partner, Reseller

    Marco Rossi

    Based in the Veneto region in northern Italy, Tecnobit provides content and services to manufacturers in the bathroom flooring, coverings and furnishings world.

  • São Paulo - SP


    Partner, Reseller

    Danilo Vilela

    totalCAD is the exclusive distributor of SketchUp Pro in Brazil and has several dedicated teams to modeling products for SketchUp and management of 3D Warehouse web pages We also provide SketchUp training and Certificates to professionals.

3D Warehouse Partners

  • Moscow

    3D Metrika

    Consultant, Partner, Trainer, Certified Developer

    Eugene Karpov, Sergei Andrianov

    3D Metrika Inc. is a professional 3D modelling company based in Moscow, Russian Federation. We've been working in 3D-modelling since 2004. Our main services: 1. Cooperation with furniture and equipment manufacturers, creation and promotion of their products in 3DWarehouse and other platforms. 2. Creation of high-quality 3D-models in architectural area, furniture and equipment design etc. 3. SketchUp education for new and advanced users (shkolasketchup.ru). 4. 3D-models production using 3D-printing technology. Best wishes, 3D Metrika Team.

  • Prague
    Czech Republic

    BIM Project

    Partner, Certified Developer

    Petr Vokoun

    The BIM Project is an authorized team of developers who have been engaged in BIM technology for over 10 years. The main focus of the company is the creation of BIM catalogues, i.e. the digitizing of products for the construction industry. The result is BIM objects and tools for a BIM software user. Architects and engineers work more easily when searching for specifications and entering information on real products directly into the BIM model. Thanks to an efficient online distribution of BIM catalogues, manufacturers can take advantage of a truly unique marketing solution to promote their products, right at the click of a button. Naturally, a connection to supplier databases so tools are always up to date is provided as standard. Our goal is to provide users with quality tools to work in the industry - in the projection field, during construction, and in the subsequent maintenance of buildings.

  • Lake Geneva, WI
    United States


    Consultant, Partner, Trainer, Certified Developer

    George Knowles

    Geo3Design’s scope of work over the past 18 months includes the following: • Create premium quality SketchUp 3D Content • Collect and define content requirements for clients • Manage content creation for clients • Provide quality assurance services • Provide content maintenance and update services • Manage 3D Warehouse account and profile for clients • Upload and structure models and collections for clients • Preconstruction shadow studies • Quality check and redline clients’ Mechanical and Architectural drawings prior to modeling • Author 3D Standards and Best Practice Manual for client • Establish and maintain cloud storage of 100’s of model renderings for clients • Onsite SketchUp training for clients’ employees and partners • Online SketchUp Tutoring via Join.me in partnership with WyzAnt Tutoring, Chicago, IL • SketchUp Sage 6 ½ years of volunteering to help thousands of users in the SketchUp Help Forum • Author tutorials for the SketchUp Sage Site • SU Beta tester v8 forward

  • Glendale, AZ
    United States


    Partner, Certified Developer

    Eric Hunt

    Justo3D specializes in 3D modeling services for manufacturers, architects, and construction companies interested in converting their designs into 3D SketchUp models that are beautify crafted with just the right level of detail. With the growing number of plugins for SketchUp, more and more manufacturers and construction companies are leveraging their product data in new and exciting ways. Justo3D is here to help and can easily relate to your product needs due to over 30 years experience in manufacturing, woodworking, residential construction and product engineering. So, whether you need light-weight models that represent well for 3D Warehouse or fully loaded Dynamic Components that you can leverage in your manufacturing or reporting processes, we hope you will find that Justo3D is a perfect fit.

  • Ennis


    Partner, Certified Developer

    Richard O'Brien

    SketchUcation provides 3D modeling outsourcing services for architects, CAD technicians, engineers and 3D visualization / animation companies. By outsourcing your 3D modeling to us, you can concentrate on other aspects of your project and meet those demanding deadlines on time. We have been producing 3D models for many years now so you can be rest assured, all our models are highly detailed, highly optimized and always 3D Warehouse compliant. Several 3D visualization and animation companies have outsourced their modeling to SketchUcation which helped them finish their projects on time and on budget.

  • Steamboat Springs, CO
    United States


    Partner, Certified Developer

    Kent Morrison

    The primary Sketchup Content Developer in Northwest Colorado. We provide 3D design services including development of dynamic components for manufacturers and also provide a wide range of IT services to industry, government, and the non-profit sector. Our work is guaranteed, and you are doing business with a Veteran owned organization. We specialize in cost-effective IT solutions for our clients. Call for a complimentary design conference today!