3D Warehouse Content Developer Certification

Do you work with building product manufacturers? If so, our certification program is for you!

Almost all tasks in SketchUp can be accomplished in multiple ways because of the non-procedural nature of the modeling process in SketchUp. But not all models are the same; some models are definitely better than others. The purpose of this certification is to test your SketchUp skills with creating great models for 3D Warehouse. In addition to quantifying your SketchUp knowledge, we hope it will also inform you on ways, small or large, to improve your SketchUp modeling.

This certification program is meant to determine whether you are familiar with the materials we have created (both document and video resources), and to test your knowledge of SketchUp features and behavior that are required for the making great 3D Warehouse models. The end goal is to get to a place where we are confident of your SketchUp modeling skills and how efficiently you model.

Steps to become certified

  1. Enroll using the "Apply now" link found on the right hand side of this page
  2. Once you have been added to the Certification program a "Get Certified" menu link will appear on the top of this site
  3. Study literature in Content Developer Resources and create models based on given source material
  4. Take the free certification test and submit training models

Things you get when you're certified

  • A Certificate / Certification banner for your web site
  • Listed as a Certified Content Developer in the new Resource Center site (optional)
  • A Certified badge displayed on your 3D Warehouse profile (under development)
  • Access to the Bulk Content Manager with Catalogs (as a 3D Warehouse Partner)
  • A support contact/channel