BIM Project

BIM Project
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Petr Vokoun
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The BIM Project is an authorized team of developers who have been engaged in BIM technology for over 10 years. The main focus of the company is the creation of BIM catalogues, i.e. the digitizing of products for the construction industry. The result is BIM objects and tools for a BIM software user. Architects and engineers work more easily when searching for specifications and entering information on real products directly into the BIM model. Thanks to an efficient online distribution of BIM catalogues, manufacturers can take advantage of a truly unique marketing solution to promote their products, right at the click of a button. Naturally, a connection to supplier databases so tools are always up to date is provided as standard. Our goal is to provide users with quality tools to work in the industry - in the projection field, during construction, and in the subsequent maintenance of buildings.
Czech Republic
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